Friday, October 7, 2011

McKinley Square Futures meeting Oct 1, 2011 (Meeting 3 of ? )

For meeting #3,  the design park was split into quadrants, and people voted on what quadrants they wished to see the most improvement in.   It appeared the hillside area got most of the 1st place votes (see conclusion picture at bottom of this page).

Individual features (sunshade in kids play area? restroom facilities? safe & clean zone on grass?  )  still are possible.

For both short & long term goals, it may be worth while to put together a diverse working group in the community who can spend detailed time working with John Merten and Park & Recreation, keep the community informed their progress, solicit feedback both in person and electronically,  and put together plan(s) for community approval.

Meanwhile, we can get started now. There is a native/sustainable planting on the McKinley Square hillside October 16th, 10am to 12noon.  Please join us.  You can RSVP at the email address below.  RSVPs help us know how many plants to supply. 

Stay tuned for date & time for meeting #4.

The complete video of meeting #3 is here:

Click on the images below for a large detailed design of each quadrants.

Quadrant A
Quadrant B
Quadrant C
Quadrant D
Results of community prioritization. Red dots are highest.  

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