Friday, May 18, 2012

COF Grant Meeting for McKinley Square

Thursday,  May 24th, 
6:30pm - 8pm, Potrero Hill Library.
Jacob Gilchrist, Park & Recreation Community Opportunity Fund  (COF) project manager
Steve Cismowski Park & Recreation Area Manager for McKinley Square
Maria D'Angelico from SF Parks Alliance
Are coming to help us write a COF Grant for McKinley Square.

There is $1.25 million available for the COF grant, with up to $250k for McKinley Square.
This is round 3 of 3 of the COF grant, so this is the last chance for McKinley Square to be part of it.

This meeting is specifically to list out tasks, and form a cross community grant team for the items listed out of the community meetings lead by Studio Green/John Merten.
John Merten listed 15 items, starting on Page 7 of this document.

From this meeting,  a list of tasks will be outlined, and assigned to volunteers to help get the grant written and submitted.
Those who are attending, if RSVP here we can send you more details prior to the meeting. 
The COF grant application is due June 29th, 4pm.
More details on the COF grant can be found here.

Can't make the meeting but want to help?     You are most definitely welcome.    There are various tasks, or just simple letters of community support that will help us get the COF grant.   

Other ways help,   5 minutes a day of picking up glass, or fox tail weeds, or trash, adds up to more than 30 hours a year, which can all be used as matching hours to get McKinley Square grant funds for almost 1000 native plant seedlings. 

Join us on one of our semi-monthly hillside restoration days, meet your fellow community members, with food & drink typically sponsored by Goat Hill Pizza & Chiotras Grocery.

Let us know what we can put you down for, so we can submit that for matching funds towards the community's "sweat equity". 

Financial or resource donations welcome as well, there is non-profit fiscal sponsorship for McKinley Square.

We applied last year, and will be using the previous grant application as a reference,  it can be found here

So Thursday May 24th, Potrero Hill Library, 6:30pm - 8pm. 


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