Friday, September 9, 2011

McKinley Square Community Meeting Sept 9,2011

Scheduled Meeting #2 of #3 for McKinley Square Futures.

Unofficial notes for Sept 8th, 2011 meeting.

John Merten went over minutes of previous meeting.
Minutes of meeting #1 are posted here as PDF.
Other details are posted on SFPT web site here.

Video of this meeting is posted here.

Online discussion is encouraged in the Potrero Boosters online site here.

We are encouraging posting there as your email address remains private, and in general is easier than yahoo for posting discussions and pictures.
Please create an account and upload your picture for community discussion as you can discuss with your neighbors online "face to face".  Blank accounts are not encouraged as they are suspect to be fake accounts.

Items were listed, but there was not a specific polled priority process.
John Merten displayed some designs for McKinley Square which included:

  • Moving the Cal-Trans fence toward the freeway, providing more trail area. 
  • Adding a flat area, lower grass park to the off leash dog area.
  • Adding benches & lighting to the middle trails.
  • Splitting the children's play area and creating a slope on the upper park, and having a sweeping trail from the south end of McKinley Square to 20th & San Bruno Ave. 

Discussion ensued.

  • Attendees were asked about if design were to be modern or rustic, attendees responded with rustic.
  • Concerns were raised about the removal / transfer of serpentine rock for asbestos release. 
  • Concerns were raised about the determining the priorities without costs associated with items.
  • There was a request for more information to be shared more with the community electronically or otherwise in advance and outside meetings. 
  • The Potrero View editor offered to post plans in the newspaper and online. 
  • Next meeting, Saturday October 1st, Downtown High School will aim at polling priorities. 

Video of complete meeting will be uploaded in next few days.

Pictures with link to high resolution photo (click text description) are below:

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