Friday, September 30, 2011

Reminder of October 1st meeting 10:30am-12noon

A reminder tomorrow, 10:30 -12 Noon
McKinley Square Design Meeting 3 
at Downtown High School. 

I've compiled a list of ideas of what has come up in the previous meetings.   I am encouraging the landscape architect John Merten to formulate a priority list at the meeting tomorrow.

What I have compiled is below.

As I mentioned at the end of last meeting,  there needs to be an identification of community priorities, what there is general consensus on, and what is controversial.   From that list of priorities John Merten, or John Merten with the working group of diverse volunteers of the community can put together plans, solicit input to the community electronically and in person, and keep the community abreast of the progress eventually come back to the community for approval.

Going down the list of ideas/features, a show of hands on each one / and determine what the community is for or against may be one way to accomplish this.
Perhaps a very limited speak period (1 min) if they feel strong on the idea/feature.

Perhaps starting out with a general plan what area needs to be improved?  Upper park?
A mix with emphasis on the hillside?
A mix with emphasis on the upper park?
Both equally?

Removal of fox tail weeds?
Native/sustainable plants on hillside?
Improved trails on the hillside?
Stairs on west side of Vermont?
A flat grassy area on the hillside?  (irrigated?) (non-native?)
Grass on slope? (irrigated?) (non-native?)
Drinking fountain on hillside (middle path)
Lights on middle path?
Bench(s) on hillside?
Table(s) on hillside?
Public art on the hillside?
Exercise / stretching stations?
Moving of cal-trans fence westward to have more trail area
<other features / ideas>?
(Perhaps a follow up question, if we have all the desired on hillside, would dog owners respect leash rules on upper park?)

Upper park
Leveling the upper park to street level?
Slope the park southernly?
BBQ area?
Bathrooms? (kid bathrooms only?)
Shade structure over playground?
New playground?
A play area for older kids? [what are examples of this?]
Safe & clean zone on grass?
A designated dog poop area (or should this be the hillside?)
A code of conduct document for dog owners?
A kiosk?
A loop on the upper park for walking & kids bikes?
Removal of fox tail weeds?
Plant more trees around park?
<other features / ideas>?

Slides from upper park to middle trail? Do these qualify as play area for older kids?
<other features / ideas>?

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