Friday, October 28, 2011

Stairs west side of Vermont St, Potrero Hill, San Francisco

A few community members met with  Mohammed Nuru (San Francisco Director of Public Works) last week.  One of the items discussed was regarding installation of connecting stairs on the west side of Vermont St between 20th St and what would be 21st St (if there were a 21st st on Potrero Hill).

This is a adjacent to the curviest street in San Francisco, and the sloped hillside of McKinley Square. There are already existing stairs both at the Top and Bottom. We are pursing to connect these existing stairs to make the neighborhood more walkable, and safer.  This area is somewhat be deemed a hazard, as it can get very slippery, especially in the rainy season.

The are for the needed stairs are roughly marked out in red on the image at below:

We have an architect who has offered to volunteer help with the planning as well as community members who are willing to help with the work.  We are pursing this with SF DPW and Park & Recreation.  If you would like to get involved, or have other thoughts, please email us at:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A visit to San Francisco Botanical Garden

A nice center meeting place, perhaps the hillside trails off McKinley Square can have something similar, with a water fountain & lights.

Catepillar on the Asclepias Fascicularis (narrowleaf milkweed )

Catepillar on the Asclepias Fascicularis (narrowleaf milkweed )

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Caterpillars devouring Stinging Nettle

Even the Stinging Nettle plant has its purpose in nature, instead of just providing us painful reminder to stay away, it is a providing food source to local caterpillars. 

These caterpillars look similar to the Peacock Butterfly
Anyone know for sure?

Liam informed me these are likely Red Admirals

Thank you!    :-)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

101 Freeway Accident & Helicopters wake up Potrero Hill

Big rig accident on 101, whose most major impact on Potrero Hill was to wake everyone up at 6am with low flying news helicopters.  At least 3 news helicopters were circling Potrero Hill at 6am and continued past 12noon until when the freeway opened.

Reportedly complaints about the helicopters can be made to the FAA
Alameda office (510) 748-0122 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16th Planting Day a Tremendous Success

On October 16th,  volunteers from the local community, and SF Park & Recreation planted approximately 600 native & sustainable plants on the McKinley Square hillside.

This is part of a multi planting effort to push out non-native invasive species (such as the fox tail weed)  which are unsafe for dogs, and replace with native plants that will help the local butterflies, and other insects, some of which are endangered.

Lunch was sponsored by Goat Hill Pizza & Chiotras Grocery.   Thank You to everyone who made this possible.

Every flag or pot you see is a new plant planted on Oct 16. 

Every pot in this picture is a newly planted plant

Every flag or pot you see is a new plant planted on Oct 16. 

Thank you Goat Hill and Chiotras for sponsoring lunch!

The plants we started with, supplied by SF Park & Recreation and Community Donations.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

McKinley Square Hillside Planting

Join us!   October 16th, 2011 
10AM - 12Noon

Come join your fellow local community members 
& SF Park & Recreation

Planting 100s of native /sustainable plants and improving trails on the McKinley Square hillside.

RSVP encouraged but not required  

(RSVPing helps us know how many pizzas & plants to have on hand) 

A Partial list of the plants being planted:
Yarrow - Achillea millefolium
Idaho Fescue - Festuca idahoensis
Red Fescue/ Molate Fescue - Festuca rubra molate
California Fescue - Festuca californica
Perennial Aster - Aster chilensis
Sticky Monkeyflower - Mimulus aurantiacus
Phacelia - Phacelia californica
Gum Plant - Grindelia camporum
Summer Lupine - Lupinus formosus

Volunteer Guidelines

·       Old clothes—inevitably you will be getting dirty
·       Layers of clothes—long pants and long sleeved shirt
·       Sturdy, closed-toed shoes with good tread
·       Raingear and/or sun block and sun hat
·       Water or additional snacks for special dietary needs
·       Gloves & tools—if you have them,, otherwise SFRPD will supply
·       Projects take place rain or shine, barring high winds or dangerous weather conditions. 

DRINKS SPONSORED BY Chiotras Grocery.  

Goat Hill Pizza