Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cardboard sheet mulching at the Community Garden

One way to to get ahead of the weeds is to choke them out.

A technique that can be used is cardboard sheet mulching. 

Basically covering an area with overlapping cardboard sheets, and then covering the card board with mulch.  In areas you want to plant, you can cut through the cardboard.  The cardboard will biodegrade, so all is good.   When you get the cardboard sheets, get cardboard without tape or staples, and ideally without writing either, these can usually be found at the big box stores such as below:

Cardboard sheets from Costco

Once you have the cardboard sheets, you can lay them out in your garden, and cut the card board as needed for water pipes or plants.

Cardboard mulching sheet, note the cut around the copper pipe. 

Cardboard sheet mulching keeping the center free for wanted plants. 

Cardboard sheet mulching around an artichoke. 

Then cover the cardboard sheets with mulch like so:

Eventually cover all the cardboard with natural mulch.   

I happen to have a lot of plants in pots, but that will change as spring planting begins.  But getting the cardboard sheets down with mulch on top will help against weeds such as Oxalis (Bernalwood link) (SFGate link) and Bermuda Grass  and countless others. 

Enjoy! Happy Gardening.