Saturday, May 4, 2013

Safe & Clean Zone at McKinley Square

San Francisco Park and Recreation has agreed, to do a trial at McKinley Square of a Safe & Clean zone.  An grass area attached to the kids playground area.  This area will be a dog free zone.  This is nothing against dogs, as many families have dogs,  but indeed some dogs can sometimes be a little aggressive, and sometimes dog poop doesn't get (completely) picked up, and a toddler isn't always so careful about what they put their hands into.

This area will be intended to be for kids, but there is not a restriction that this area be kids only.  

This is a trial, and if the community appreciates this it can be continued.  If it is not wanted, it can be removed. 

The fence will need to purchased by the community, but it will be managed by Park & Recreation.

The fence/barrier is intended to be a non intrusive, yet functional fence, that a parent can step over, but children not so.

For the first time in 10+ years of living near McKinley Square I saw kids playing, and tumbling into the grass without any worries.  This Kid Zone was so small, it does not take away from anyone's ability to enjoy the park which ever way they wished.

From what I have seen, dog owners are very conscientious and respectful, and understand the desire for this zone.  Maybe a few might have behaved poorly, or didn't understand, but all in all, I think everyone understands we are all part of the same community and everyone wants to have fun in the resources we have.