Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sidewalk Greening Meeting Wednesday Oct 24th, 6pm, 2012

Want a Free Sidewalk Garden at your Home?
With the help of Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) some of the residents of your neighborhood are beginning to organize a community-based Sidewalk Garden planting on Kansas and Rhode Island from 18th to 20th (cross streets included)
FUF fundraises from generous donors to cover most of the cost.
Planting has many benefits:
·      provides natural habitat for
·      birds, butterflies and bees
·      decreases sewer overflows to the bay and ocean
·      increases property values
·      provides a buffer between the street and pedestrians
Funding will cover all of the cost of tree planting (including concrete removal) and FUF will assist property owners with the permitting process, species selection, materials coordination and installation
If you'd like a Garden in front of your home,
Please contact Rich at

Join us for a meeting with FUF at the Potrero Hill Library Community Room Wednesday Oct 24th at 6:00PM
Rsvp to

Requirements to get a FUF sidewalk garden:

·     Room on your sidewalk or front yard for a sidewalk garden

·     Property owner signs FUF Letter of Agreement and DPW permit forms

·     Owner or caretaker pays ONLY $300 for DPW permit